Welcome to Social Connector

A web3 software that empowers creators

What is Social Connector?

Social Connector is a platform that empowers creators to connect, engage and build a strong relationship with their audience/communities across multiple platforms in one single place. Its major goal is ultimately helping creators stay on top of their game while maximizing profit. We do this by helping you connect with your Audience across diverse communities such as Discord and Clubhouse, while helping you safeguard and keep track of your digital assets in one place. Social Connector is helping to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

What can I do on Social Connector?

  • Connect and build a strong relationship with audience across multiple Platform
  • Safeguard and Keep track of your digital assets
  • Real-time data and insights to help creators better maximize profit.
You focus on creating your content, and engaging your audience, while we do the groundwork on connecting, growing, and helping you maximize Profit.

How Does Social Connector Works?

Social Connector uses API that helps integrate all your communities as a creator on one Single Platform, so you can focus on effectively engaging your audience and maximizing profit.
Last modified 9mo ago