Connect Your Wallet(s)

How to link Your Solana and Ethereum Wallet on Social Connector.

Currently, we do not have the ability to connect to X (Twitter) due to API constraints.

To link your wallet(s) to Social Connector, you must have an active Solana and Ethereum account on your device.

How to find your Connected Accounts in Social Connector:

  1. Log into Social Connector

  2. Click "Account" in the left tab

  3. Click "Wallet"

  4. Click "Connected Accounts"

Now, to link your wallet, click the Link button next to the wallet you wish to link (Solana or Ethereum), follow the instructions, grant authorization, and verify your signature to complete linking your wallet.

If you want to connect your wallet via your mobile device, use the phantom wallet browser, navigate to login, and complete the verification process.

You can come back here anytime to link or unlink any wallet.

If, at any point and time, you wish to unlink a wallet from your Social Connector account, click the "Unlink" button on the right.

Once you click "unlink," you will be asked if you are sure you want to unlink your account. If you are sure, click "Yes!"

Then once you click "Yes!" your account will be unlinked.

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