Adding Searchie Roles

This guide would walk you through steps in creating roles for Searchie in Social Connector.
Login to your Social Connector Account
By the Side Bar, Click the Searchie dropdown and select hub gating
To Create Role,
Click Add Searchie Role
Add Searchie Role
Configure Gating
Fill as appropriate
Role Name
Give your role a title
Select Searchie Config
Select your Searchie Account
Select Hub
Select the hub you are gating
Coin Type
Select coin type
The minimum amount of coin users must hold
Set Status to active
Click Submit.
Note: All your supporters that meet the criteria for the role, would get an email notification, once the gating is configured.
To automatically download your clubhouse content to Searchie, navigate to Searchie overview and click on the action icon next to your Searchie account.
Click the action icon
On the form, click on Folder to select the library you want the clubhouse content to be uploaded on. Click Update
Your clubhouse room must be on replay