What is the official Social Connector website?


What is the official Social Connector exchange website?


What blockchain is $Gary Coin built on?

$Gary Coin is built on the Solana blockchain.

$Gary allows creators and individuals to create their own “creator coins.”

How Can I Buy $Gary Coin?

Click here for a step-by-step guide.

What are the prerequisites for coin swap?

First, users need to have a Solana wallet.

Here is a list of wallets that our exchange interacts with:

  • Phantom

  • Slope

  • Solflare

  • Torus

  • ledger

  • Sollet

How to use the Social Connector exchange

To use the Social Connector exchange to support other creators or to swap your coins, visit https://gary.club/swap and connect your wallet.

Once you connect your wallet, follow the steps below to complete the process to swap your coins easily.

There is a detailed illustration of how to swap coins if you need additional assistance.

How to use the Social Connector exchange and swap coins:

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Select the coin you want to trade

  3. Then select the coin you wish to trade for

  4. Enter the amount you wish to trade

  5. Our system will calculate

  6. Click "Swap"

After clicking swap, you will see a popup that says “Associated Token Required," click accept and approve the transaction.

The way the Solana blockchain works is that for every token existing on Solana, an account is created for you, which stores your balance for that token. Simply put, the notification tells you you must approve the txn to create that account.

Then, once you click "Accept" and approve the transaction, a popup will appear on your screen that says, "Swap Successful!"

Now, your coin swap is complete!

You can also find the Swap and support other creators by following the steps below:

  1. Log into your Social Connector account

  2. Click "Account" in the left sidebar of your settings

  3. Click "Swap"

  4. Select the coin you wish to swap from our list of coins

  5. Then select the coin you wish to swap the above coin for

  6. Enter the amount you wish to swap

  7. Our system will calculate

  8. Click "Swap"

Where can I Buy SOL (Solana)?

If you would like to purchase SOL (Solana), here is a list of websites where you can buy SOL:

Why do I need to connect my wallet?

Connecting your wallet lets you transact or exchange on our platform.

What is a gas fee, and why are they charged?

Gas refers to the fee, or pricing value, required to successfully conduct a transaction or execute a contract on the Solana blockchain platform.

How can I support other creators?

You can support other creators by exchanging/acquiring their Coin

To Swap other creators' Coin aside from $Gary on the https://gary.club/swap

You must first hold $Gary/swap $Gary Coin

Then, use your acquired $Gary Coin to swap/acquire your favorite creator Coin.

How do I see the list of creator coins launched under $Gary

You can access or see all the available creator coins by clicking the Coin list at the top of the exchange interface.

You can also join the Discord server of Creators if you have more questions about their coin.

What is a Private Swap?

The Private Swap allows some users early access to any new coin launched under $Gary coin within its first 5 hours of release.

To access the Private Swap role, you must have a minimum of 500 $Bags in your connected wallet.

Users with 500 $Bags and above also receive a daily utility reward.

For more information, join our DISCORD.

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