How To Create Digital Collectibles

A digital collectible is a unique or limited-edition copy of a virtual item.

The Digital Collectibles feature is one of our most loved features!

Here's what's cool about creating Digital Collectibles in Social Connector.

When you create digital collectibles in Social Connector, our system automatically adds your digital collectibles and/or NFT collection to Magic Eden, where you can house, sell, and trade your digital collectibles for a profit.

What is Magic Eden? Magic Eden is a decentralized marketplace for peer-to-peer trading of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Magic Eden is a leading trading platform for users to mint, list, and trade NFTs.

To illustrate the end result of this process, check out our "Giraffe Glimpses" NFT collection on Magic Eden that we created in Social Connector.

Here is how to find the Digital Collectibles section in Social Connector.

To find the Digital Collectibles section in Social Connector and create a new digital collectible(s) or NFT, please follow the steps below.

Step 1:

  1. Login to your Social Connector Account

  2. Click "Digital Collectibles" in the lefthand sidebar

  3. Click "Overview"

  4. Click "Create Collectible"

Once you click "Create Collectible," a form will appear.

This is the form that appears after clicking "Create Collectible."

Now you must fill out the following fields to finish creating your new NFT:

  1. Click on "Click to add image" to upload an image of your digital collectible. Make sure the image dimensions are equal, preferably 3000 x 3000 pixels.

  2. Name your digital collectible

  3. Write a description (there is a 500-character limit)

  4. Add a link (optional): If your collection has an external link, you can include it here.

  5. Choose your NFT type: Choose between "open edition" or "limited edition"

    1. Open editions allow an unlimited number of prints, while limited editions allow you to set a specific print limit. If you select a limited edition, an additional input field will appear, allowing you to enter the number of editions to be minted.

  6. Enter the maximum supply or the total number of NFTs that can be minted for this collectible

  7. Enter the percentage of Secondary Sales Royalties you wish to receive (This is the percentage of future sales that will be returned to the creator)

  8. Enter the number of NFTs that can be minted per wallet, with a minimum of one

  9. Select if your NFT will be mutable

    1. Select "Yes" or "No." Choosing "Yes" means you want the collectible to be editable. Note that editing is not available in the current version.

  10. Add any additional properties

  11. Click "Continue" and proceed to the next page

Here is an example of how you could do this.

After clicking "Continue," it's time to move to the next step.

Step 2:

Add Creator Splits

Here, you can configure royalty splits among multiple creators. *Your wallet address will be automatically displayed as the default.

Input the creator wallet addresses and the respective percentages you want to share with them.

Then, click "Continue" and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Collection

Note: You can create a new collection or add to an existing collection.

On the collection page, you can add your NFTs to a collection. This step ensures that your NFTs are easily searchable and grouped together in wallets and marketplaces.

Provide the collection image, name, type, and description.

The collection type can be "transferable" or "non-transferable" from the mint wallet.

Click Continue:

Review the summary of your configuration on the following page. If everything is correct, click "Create" and allow the loading modal to complete.

Click "Create"

Once the creation is successful, click on "Create Mint Page." The mint page is where people can mint your collectible. Access the mint page and click on "Settings" to configure it. Note that after the sale starts, these settings become uneditable. You can create multiple mint pages for one NFT.

How to create a mint page

Mint Form: Fill in the following fields on the mint form:

Mint Price: Specify the amount users need to pay to mint each collectible. Select the coin and enter the amount.

Segment (Optional): Choose the segment you want to give access to mint. If not applicable, leave this field empty.

Start Date and End Date: Enter the mint start date and end date, using the UTC+1 time zone.

Fee Payer: Determine who should bear the gas fee, either the user or the creator.

Payment Wallet: Specify the wallet address where the minting fee should go. Your Social Connector wallet address will be displayed as the default.

Click "Start Sale"

Access the mint page from the side menu, click the three-dot icon next to it, and select "Publish Mint Page." Then, navigate to the "Live" tab and click "View Page Live" to see the page in action. You can share the page's URL for people to mint the collectibles. Note that individuals who wish to mint must have a Social Connector account since the collectibles will be minted in their Social Connector wallet.

  1. Enter email and click on MINT

Mint to a Specific Segment: If you want to mint for a particular set of people, click on "Mint to Segment" in the sidebar. Select the desired segment and the collectibles you want to mint for that segment.

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