Naming Collectibles

This feature enables you to name or rename your collectible, and this change will be visible on the blockchain.

This feature is exclusively for giraffe tower collectibles

How to Name Your NFT(s) or Digital Collectible(s):

  1. Log into your Social Connector account

  2. Click "Account" on the left sidebar

  3. Then click "Naming"

  1. Find the NFT or digital collectible you wish to rename

  2. Then click the edit icon

  1. Type in the new name of your NFT or digital collectible

To name or rename an NFT or digital collectible, it will cost you a fee of 100 $GARY + an additional 1.5% charge.

  1. Click "Submit"

Once you click the submit button, the system will process the changes, and the new name will overwrite your collectible ID.

That's it! You have successfully named your NFT!

Now your NFT will be displayed on the blockchain and in your wallet with its new name for the entire world to see!

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