How to Send Coin on Social Connector

These steps will guide you on how to send coin on Social Connector.

Login to your Social Connector Account

  1. On the Sidebar, Click Account Dropdown and select Wallet.

  1. Click on Send Coin; enter recipient; (Once the recipient is entered it will display the users Custodial wallet and External Wallet ) and fill all required fields.

Fill the required fields below;


Enter Recipient

(Recipient can be : Social tag, CH username, custodial wallet address, twitter user id, solana address, IG user id, twitter username or email)


Select Coin from the dropdown


Select the maximum amount to send to recipient.



  1. To initiate transaction, click on Send Coin.

Note: The coin will be delivered promptly once it's confirmed in the block chain.

To View Transaction Status:

Go to Account dropdown on the sidebar, select Transactions and click on Outgoing Transactions. There you'll see the list of all outgoing transactions and their status.

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