How to Configure Discord Bot on Social Connector

This is an easy step-by-step guide to set up your Discord bot on Social Connector

Ensure you have linked your Discord Account to your Social Connector Account

Visit here or follow the steps below:

How to set up your Discord bot in Social Connector:

  1. Login to Social Connector

  2. Click "Bots" in the sidebar

  3. Click "Discord"

  4. Then click "Add Bot"

  5. Fill out the required fields

  6. Click "Submit"

Fill in the Information as Appropriate

Token ID: This is the Token ID we copy and pasted somewhere.

Server ID: Go to your User settings on Discord and scroll down to Advanced to enable developer mode. On the sidebar of your discord, right-click on your discord server scroll down, and click on Copy ID.

Bot Name: This is the name you wish to give to your Bot. Eg: Gary Bot

Client ID: This is the Client ID we copy and pasted somewhere.

Coin Type: You are to choose between the Rally Coin or Solana Coin depending on the blockchain your coin is.

Coin: Select the coin you wish to add to your server.

Command: Type the name you would like to use to trigger your BOT on Discord. Note: Do not include special characters or numbers, what you are required to type is your preferred name.

Click Submit once done.

After clicking submit, an error message will appear. Click on it to add the bot to the server. (Click here to add the bot to your server)

Add Bot to Server

Click the dropdown button to select your Server, Click Continue,

Authorize and fill in the captcha.

Note: After completing the above process, return to the social connector tab to submit the form again. This time a new Bot will be added to your Discord Server.

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