Twitter List Segment Workflow

How to build a tokenised Twitter list.

1. On Twitter left bar click "More"

2 . Select "Lists"

3. Click the new list icon.

  1. Click the "Name" field.

5. Click the "Description" field.

6.Click here to add image.

  1. Click "Apply"

8. Click "Next"

  1. Click "Done" and you have successfully created a Twitter list.

10. On Social Connector page click the Twitter dropdown.

  1. Click "List"

12. Click "Store twitter segment list"

  1. Click this dropdown to select Twitter list.

  1. Click this dropdown to select Segment.

  1. Click this dropdown to select status.

16. Click "Submit" and your Twitter list will be successfully added to your Segment.

  1. Click "OK"

18. To edit Twitter list status click "Edit"

  1. To edit Twitter Segments, select active or inactive and click "Update". ( When the status is processing it means it's synchronising)

20. Click "OK"

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