Segment Airdrop

A segment airdrop feature enables users to distribute coins to a specific group within the social connector system. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to perform a segment airdrop:

  1. Navigate to Airdrops: Within the side menu, find and select the "Segment" option, and then click on the dropdown menu and choose "Airdrops."

  1. Create an Airdrop: Click on the "Create Drop" button to initiate a new airdrop.

  1. Choose the Target Segment: Select the particular segment of users you wish to airdrop coins to.

  2. Name the Airdrop: Provide a name for the airdrop to identify it easily.

  3. Select the Coin: Choose the specific type of coin you intend to airdrop.

  4. Specify the Amount: Input the desired amount for the airdrop. The amount can be either in whole numbers or decimals.

  5. Choose Airdrop Type: Select the type of airdrop - "All" or "Random." Choosing "All" will distribute coins to all users within the selected segment, while "Random" will randomly distribute coins among some selected users in that segment.

  6. Note: Add a custom note to be sent to users when they receive the coins as part of the airdrop.

  7. Set Airdrop Status: Decide whether the airdrop should be "Active" or "Inactive," then proceed to submit the details.

Once the status is set to "Active," a snapshot of the users in the chosen segment will be taken, and the specified amount of coins will be distributed accordingly. After the airdrop is completed, the status will change to "Expired."

It's important to be aware that the coins will be distributed once the transactions are confirmed on the blockchain.

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