User Dashboard

Once you log into your Social Connector account, you will see your Dashboard, where you can access various features.

You have access to features like:

  • Your Wallet Balance

  • Your referral earnings, the total number of referrals, and your unique referral link.

  • A list of Creator Coins that you hold, including their balance

  • A list showcasing your Recurring Subscriptions, encompassing both active, inactive, and canceled transactions.

  • A Collectibles section that showcases every digital collectible you own

  • P.O.W (Proof Of Work) Clock, plus a list of all submitted proof of work

  • A list of your Transactions, plus all past transaction history

Now, let's break down these Social Connector features and what they do for you.

  1. Wallet Balance

In the "Wallet Balance" section, you will find the total value of all your coins in USD. The "Wallet Balance" section is highlighted in red below.

You can only see the value of the coin in your Social Connector wallet. We do not display the coin's value in your external wallet.

I would also like you to note that there is a link here that includes your Social Connector Wallet Address that has a copy button next to it.

Your Social Connector Wallet Address is an important address you want to familiarize yourself with. You can copy this code and share it with anyone so they can easily find your wallet address to send you coins, view your account, etc.

To copy the wallet address, click the "Copy" button. This is your public wallet address and can be shared with anyone.

  1. Referral

The "Referral" tab displays your cumulative earnings, and total number of referrals, and provides you with your distinct referral link.

  1. Creator Coins

The "Creator Coins" tab showcases a selection of your coins and balances.

To view the complete collection of coins and their respective balances that you possess, click on the "Load all" icon.

3. Recurring Subscription

The "Recurring Subscription" tab exhibits a comprehensive record of your transaction activity.

To view your complete subscription history, click the "show more" icon.

4. Collectible

The "Collectibles" tab showcases every digital collectible you own in your wallet.

To access your entire collection of digital collectibles, click the "show more" icon.

5. P.O.W. Clock

The "P.O.W. Clock" tab is a fun one!

This is where you submit your proof of work for the day and get paid $Gary.

You can choose to either submit today's Proof of Work by clicking the "Submit Now" button, view a comprehensive list of completed Proof of Work by clicking "View," or fill in your Proof of Work by clicking "Log."

To access past Proof of Work entries, click the "show more" icon.

6. Transactions

The "Transactions" tab showcases a selection of your transaction logs.

This is where you go to see all incoming and outgoing transactions. You can click on the "show more" link to see a full list of all past transactions.

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