Social Connector Team Permission

How to create and assign role to a team member

The team role allows a creator to give users permission to manage a section(s) of their social connector account.

Prospective team members must have a social connector account.

How to create a role

  1. Click My Team on your sidebar and navigate to roles.

  2. Click on Add New Role

  3. Add a role Role name and a role description. Filter the permissions and select the section(s) you want your team to manage.

  4. Click Submit.

Now that a role has been created, you need to give user permission(s) to manage the role.

Add a team member

  1. Click on the team list on your side

  2. Enter the email address of the user you wish to add to your team

  3. Click on full name, the user name will be auto-filled if the email address is correct.

  4. Select the role and click submit.

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