Subscribers represent individuals that are available to you when sending out campaigns. Subscribers can optionally be assigned one or more tags.

To view a list of your subscribers, click the Subscribers link in the sidebar. This will take you to the subscribers index page.

Subscriber Table

Subscribers are listed in a paginated table, where each row represents a different subscriber.

Filtering Subscribers

The following filtering options are available:

  • Subscriber Email and/or Name. Partial matches will also be returned.

  • Subscriber Subscription Status

Viewing an Individual Subscriber

To view an individual subscriber, head to the subscriber's index page and click on the subscriber's email in the table that's presented to you.

Subscriber Details

Each subscriber's email, first name, last name, and subscription status are displayed when viewing an individual subscriber.

In addition, if the subscriber has been assigned any tags then these are also displayed.


Tags can be assigned to subscribers by using the Tags selector. If you have any tags available, you can pick which ones to assign here.

To add a new tag, click on tag gate then New Tag Gate

Tag gate name

Your preferred tag name

Select Tag

Select the new gating tag

Select gating type

Web 3 NFT, Solana Coin or Solana NFT (If you select NFT you will have to provide the contract address)


Minimum number of coin or NFT that qualifies for the tag

Set status to active and save.


Here you'll see the list of all Segments.

Select Segments

Click check box to select your preferred list.

For more information on how to create Segments click on link

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