How to Activate Bot Notification Message

This section takes you through steps to manage and add Bot notification messages on your Social Connector Account.

The Bot notification message notifies community members when a user gets a new role.

On your sidebar, Click bot then discord.

Navigate to Notification on your main screen

Add Bot Notification

Click Add Bot Notification Button

Select the BOT you want to set Notification message for Select the Role you want to set the Notification for Select the Channel Type/Input The Notification Message Set Status: Active

To get a notification message like the one below, type the following in the message area Welcome to our newest supporter, @tag! You rock!. The @tag will automatically tag the newest supporter.

You can also tag the role by including @role in your notification message

@role We have a New Whale! Say hi to @tag!

Note: You can edit, deactivate previous Bot Notifications Messages Click the Edit Icon under Action, then edit as appropriate

You can use <@&role_id> to reference a role manually or <@user_id> to reference a user manually.

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