How to Setup Social Connector Discord Bot

A Step by Step Guide to setting up your bot on discord

Setting Up Discord Bot

Step One: Create Application

Enter the following URL in your browser

1.1 Click New Application at the top-right corner of your browser.

Note: Ensure your Discord account is logged in on your browser.

1. 2 Enter the preferred name for your BOT. eg: Gary Coin Bot.

Then Click Create

1.3 Add Bot

Click on the Bot Icon by the Sidebar, then click Add Bot.

Confirm Process by Clicking on the Yes, do it Pop Up Notification

1.4 Reset Token

Click on Reset Token then enter your OTP from your Authenticator App Eg: Google Authenticator or Authy.

Please Note: Ensure to copy and paste the Generated Token somewhere (You will need it as you proceed).

1.5 Enable Privileged

Scroll down a little bit and enable the following under the Privileged Gateway Intents. (presence Intent, Server Members Intent, and Message content Intent).

Then Click Save Changes

1.6 Get Authentication

Click OAuth2 Icon by the Sidebar, Then Click Copy Icon Under Client Information

(Ensure to paste the client information somewhere you will need it as you proceed).

After copying client information scroll down and change the Authorization method to In-app Authorization.

Enable Bot, Applications, commands, and Administrator then click save.

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