How to Create Tweet Drops

This guide will walk you through the steps in creating tweet drops.
To be able to create a drop, you must have added and saved the tweet URL in the monitored tweet section.
Ensure you fund the giveaway wallet before creating the drop. Use the guide below

To Create Tweet Drops

On the Twitter overview,
Click Airdrops then Create a Drop
Fill as appropriate,
Coin Type:
Your coin type is solana coin
Select your prefered coin for the drop
Drop Type:
Select Tweet
Select your saved tweet
Number of Coin to drop per Person (E.g 3$Gary )
Drop requirement (Retweet, like or comment)
Total Claimable:
Number of individuals to get the drops (E.g 20. 20 People would get 3 $Gary Coin)
This field is disabled for tweet drops
Restriction Type:
Select None if there is no restriction for the drop
Restriction Value:
The type of asset an individual should have before getting the drop
Restrict Quantity:
Minimum Coin or NFT users should have before accessing Claims
Set the status to active to activate the drop and inactive to deactivate.
Then Click Submit Once Done.
You have Successfully Created Tweet Drops